This movie follows the lives of two teenage boys who use basketball as an outlet and an opportunity to find success in life.

The movie its self shows how a sport can inspire someone to be greater than anything they’d ever expected. Throughout the movie, these two young men, Arthur Agee and William Gates, experience the ups and downs that come with chasing a dream.

The movie follows the two basketball dreams from the beginning of the high school careers up until their graduations.  Along with the trails of making the team and performing in basketball the movie also takes the time to show the viewer their personal lives.

Along with the movie, there is also a book the follows the two young basketball players from their freshmen year to senior year. The book tells the story through moving back and forth between Arthur and William’s stories.

It is quickly discovered that their NBA dreams are more than hopes to excel in basketball, but mainly hopes to succeed and grow in life.

The culture of basketball is more than a game. It is a way of life.

These young men along with many others are inspired by the sport. The hopes of playing basketball keep them focused and out of trouble in an area where many men their age fall victim to drugs and other crimes.

The movie shows how sports can change your motivation in life and can ultimately give a player something to live for.

Though basketball and cheerleading are completely different sports, seeing the point of view of these two basketball dreams can inspire any athlete to work hard in all aspects of life.