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For NCA and UCA, there are a lucky group of experienced cheerleaders who get to travel throughout their home state and teach cheerleading to younger squads.

Being a member of staff allows those cheerleaders who have been doing the sport for many years to share their knowledge with others.

Members of staff work together to come up with new stunts to teach as well as learn various cheers and dances to teach to all of the campers throughout the summer.

As a member of NCA or UCA Staff these cheeerleaders are looked up to by middle school and high school cheerleaders throughout the country.

Cheerleaders don’t have professional athletes to look up to, we look up to our cheer camp instructors.

The National Cheerleading Association was created in 1948 in Texas. Being the sister company of UCA, NCA does many of the things as UCA.

Though NCA does most of the same things as UCA, the company has a style all its own that. The two companies have a healthy rivalry in gaining interest from schools for competitions and summer camps.