With the upcoming Super Bowl , everyone has something to be excited about. The game. The commercials. The food. The Halftime Show with Beyonce.  But in the hours leading up to the big game ABC Family has decided to celebrate the game in another way.

ABC Family is showing a Bring-It-On-A-Thon from 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. with the last movie starting at 6 p.m. just 30 minutes before the kickoff of the Super Bowl.

Every sport has at least one movie that shapes the perception of the sport. Sports like football and basketball have Remember the Titans and Coach Carter. Cheerleading has Bring It On.

The movie itself shows how the sport of cheerleading has a deep culture of competition from the sidelines of a football game to the actually day of competition. In all five Bring It On movies the main theme is of two teams battling against one another to claim a title.

Though it is a comedy, Bring It On does show many aspects to the sport that only a coach or member of a team would understand. The main purpose of sports movies to inspire the viewer by showing them how a sport can up lift them through difficult situations and tough times.

In its own unique way Bring It On shows how cheerleading can be a difficult sport mentally and physically.